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What is a bollard?
A bollard is an aesthetic concrete/steel barrier used to protect critical infrastructures as well as define a roadway or path.

Why use bollards?
Bollards contribute a sense of unity, consistency, and recognition informing or reminding visitors that they are in a well-defined park, historic restoration, estate or other institutional or corporate environment.

How are bollards designed to work?
Designed to provide dissuasive perimeter control. Bollards are constructed to completely stop most vehicles. Bollards are an excellent choice for vehicle access control, satisfying requirements of both form and function.

Bollards are also one of the best protection systems for critical infrastructures. They enable you to create a sturdy and durable protection of your facilities from car bombs in an urban setting while maintaining pedestrian freedom. Bollards are unobtrusive and enhance the site appearance while providing the highest protection needed.

What are the standard sizes?
Bollards are generally 4 or 18 inches in diameter and anywhere from 4 to 7 feet in length. At least two feet of the bollard is buried in the ground, usually in concrete.

What is a bollard made of?
Bollards are almost always concrete but we do make some metal products filled with concrete. All of our products have a 5000 psi rating and use 3/8" steel rebar.

Why choose concrete bollards?
Durable precast concrete bollards are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes including exposed aggregate and light sandblast. Concrete bollards are more attractive than steel or wood and don't rust or rot. Ideal for traffic control, as a security measure, and as a vandal deterrent. Concrete bollards are superior to steel, as they won't rust of need re-painting. They are also superior to wood because they won't rot or decay and are fire resistant.

How are bollards shipped?
We palletize all of our bollards, usually shipping 5 bollards to a pallet. Since we use common carriers to ship the bollards we will work with you to insure you can get the bollards off the truck and placed where you need them.

You don't have the size, or style, I am looking for?
We have a mold-maker on site to build your custom bollard.

Can I get my bollard in a color to match the exterior décor?
We can make the bollard any color. Send us a PMS number or a chip sample and we will match the color to the bollard. It is just like going to the paint store!

How do I install a bollard?
Depending on the design, we can send you a template to provide a starting point to getting your bollard in the ground. It is just like installing a fence post.

Do I have to have a smooth finish on my bollard?
No, we do lovely exposed aggregate finishes as well.

Do you make any other concrete products?
Dawn Enterprises manufactures a full line of complimentary concrete planters and trashcans.

Where are the bollards manufactured?
All of our concrete products are manufactured in Coventry, CT. We like to keep all of our quality control under one roof.

What is the typical lead time for a custom designed bollard?
It takes 2 weeks to design and build a custom mold. On many projects we make a series of molds so we can create hundreds of custom bollards and get them shipped within 4-6 weeks.

What options are available?
There are two options that most customers evaluate. The first is installing eyebolts to facilitate lifting the bollard or to be able to connect them together. The second option is putting a decorative recess band along the top of the bollard. Both options are about $25.00/bollard extra.

What is the warranty on a bollard?
Dawn Enterprises precast products carry a 10- year warranty on all parts and workmanship from of date of product delivery.